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    We had Certa Pro of Mountainside NJ paint the entire inside of our home, it was very expensive, the painters broke a mirror in my bathroom and I had to fight to get that replaced. We had and have still 1 1/2 years later paint on the floors, the backs of the toilets, and vanities as well as missed spots. We had them come back out 2 times to fix everything, after the 3rd time and things weren't done correctly we kind of gave up citing "Well that will only happen once", Until we noticed that the living room ceiling was messed up. After 5 months of trying to get them to come out... More...
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  • Don't recommend this company

    We hired Certa Pro to STAIN our cedar house. We have always used oil based stain on our cedar siding. The owner of the franchise told us that the government outlawed oil based stain and they would have to paint the house. Within a year our house was peeling. We recently contacted another professional that said the entire house would have to be sanded and then apply the oil based stain that they DO still carry and use. We are retired and can't afford to hire anyone to stain the house. Our house is in shambles with horrible looking peeling paint. Wood is rotting because the paint... More...
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  • Warning-sub par work-stay away from this company!

    We had our home painted 5 years ago by a Cert pro painter. Over the course of the past year, the paint started peeling off all around the house. We called Certa pro but was told they only stand behind thier work for two years. As a matter of fact, one of thier service reps, Chelsea, out the Buffalo call center, accused me of looking for free work. So I called a local paint contractor to come out to look at the peeling. He said that a a house paint job should have lasted 7-10 years minimum, and the work that was done on our house was sub par. Apparently there was no prep work done or primer... More...
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  • Shoreviewcertapro.com - Certa Pro Painters Shoreview, MN - DO NOT USE!

    I signed a contract on April 15th to have CertaPro come and paint two bedrooms and one bathroom. We were told they were two weeks out and to expect a call approximately a week in advance for scheduling. They called over three weeks later and we were going to be out of town the day they wanted to come and paint. Another month has gone by and we still are waiting. They do not give you any lead time on scheduling and expect you to be ready any day it rains. I asked for a refund of the $200 that I sent them, which I did as a courtesy, not a requirement, and they refused. It is now June... More...
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  • CertaPro Painters of Southern Kansas City - A Must Read

    I would like to issue a warning about the quality of work done by the CertaPro Painters of Southern KC. I purchased a home in November 2014 that had two large wood stained entry doors. About three weeks after we moved in the doors started to blister and peel. The previous owner left me the paperwork from CertaPro painters indicating the work they did in June 2014, just 5 months prior. Before I continue, here is the exact quote on the written invoice from CertaPro Painters: %u201CWARRANTY ON ALL WORK: We warranty all of our work for 2 years against blistering and peeling. This is not... More...
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  • Certa Pro Painters Rockwall Tx and Richardson Tx

    Heard commercials for this Compant on K-Luv radio in Dallas for several years. Unaware this is a franchise. First dealt with Certa Pro in Rockwall. Did lousy job and left huge mess. Then find out it wasn't his territory?? Called again (stupid mistake I know) got Certa Pro Richardson. Did painting correctly but missed the cleaning element again. Paint on brand new floors, rust ring on kitchen counter and dusty footprints all over. I can't speak for all franchises but apparently lots of problems with their crews. More...
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  • "Certa Don't"

    http://instagram.com/certapropaintersboise What we thought was going to be a good company couldn't have been worse. We hired CPP in May 2014. Job started the 10th of June. CPP said they would be done in about 5 days-give 2 days for weather so I buffered 8 days. First day, 2 guys showed up (one 21 and the other in his 40's). They were there for 3 hours, the next day only the 21 year old "prepping". Only put plastic on the front of the windows so I had to ask him to finish tapping all the way around the windows. The 3rd day they were there but apparently the caulk after... More...
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  • Very bad painter.

    The worst. I have a long list of complaints, but I'll keep it short: 1. Lies about work that will be done. Joe droned on ad naseum about paint technology and scraping technique and pretreatment when he estimated the job. We clarified in writing the need to scrape, sand and prime windows. On day one. hour one, the crew raised ladders to windows with foam sanding blocks and open paint cans. They were painted in miuntes. Virtually zero prep. 2. Defiant and difficult. Before arriving and on mornings 1, 2 and 3, we told them to open windows. They resisted for 3 days on site. They... More...
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  • Certapro of Littleton- Ken Korton

    This company has blanketed advertising across Denver and mostly a lot of heresy along with telling you what you want to hear. The bottom line is they are not to be trusted or paid until your satisfied with the work. But when the people who show-up to do the job, which is not supervised but instead window dressing for the customer. They hire $8/ hr workers as they need them to complete jobs. The work is not overseen by anyone until after the fact. They guys who came to my painting job were on their own ( and spent a lot time on their phones while working) and were not trained very well and... More...
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  • Exterior Home Painting

    Timonium, Maryland. Contracted with CertaPro to paint the front of my house and deck. Team did not seem experienced with more than basic paint application. Seemed more interested in how many hours it was taking to do the work than with doing the work correctly. Left my new storm door covered with paint flecks and put up my new shutters with uneven screw placement. Would never recommend them to anyone. More...
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  • CertaPro Highlands Ranch - does not stand behind their work!

    WOW! Stay away from CertaPro painters!!! We had them come and do a bit of drywall repair (which they subcontracted out) and paint in the rooms they did the repair. Simple work that I just don't have time to do. Part of this work was making sure that wires for the vanity lights were correctly placed and to texture any surfaces that were repaired to match existing texture. While they did a reasonable job in the master bath, the work in the hall bath is botched - and they BLAME MY WIFE for it! Apparently she should have halted work and pointed out everything wrong in the 20 minutes that... More...
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  • Very very expensive

    We just moved to Knoxville TN. First I scheduled an est online and received no response. Then called to leave a message and never called back. After a number of times I got an appt for est. meanwhile 2 other professional painting company's came out to give est. first was home cents came in at $345.00 to paint my back porch with me buying paint labor only. The second was from a construction co. Who's is building my privacy fence. They came in at $450.00 then it was certa pros chance. They said it would be $1550.00. What!!!! Anyway I'll leave the rest up to you. If you use them... More...
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    Dan Rowley came to our home in Boise, Idaho. This house is 25 years old. The craftman was very skilled & professional. The representative was not. Mr. Rowley gave us a bid of $3,497.95. The written, legal & signed contract (among other items) said---caulk all area previously caulked that need re-sealing, scape all loose paint & fill holes & re-set nails. 10% of these items where done on house. When my husband complained to him, he said that this was how does on standard paint job. To do scaping, putty, sand would cost us more. Some $611.48 more !!!! Because of a... More...
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    HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! They did a horrible paint job on the exterior of my house in May 2012. They did some of the repairs in June 2013, but not all. It took me a year to get the owner out to my house (they will often say they were at your home when you were not home.) In April 2013, he admited they did not do my house justice in April 2013. Told me they would repair the job by the end of June 2013. Now I am waiting until end of summer but before October 1st for it to be corrected. It's been over a year since I brought up the issues. The paint is peeling on over 2/3 of the house. DO NOT... More...
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  • They use 90% undocumented workers (real clever) using subcontractors

    I just drove by a Sovereign Bank in Kingston. Nothing but Brazilian workers painting the place under Certa Pro name. They hire nothing but Brazilian subcontractors. I met a few subs at Sherwin Williams, they were doing nothing but complaining about how they are being treated. Certa-Pro in Massachusetts South Shore areas. What they do is give the subcontractor half of the money and the sub has to buy the paint and do any extra work with their half of the money. I do understand the illegal subcontractors (they buy a certificate of insurance from an agency who will take their money all day... More...
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  • disrespectful certa pro painters

    Showed up almost 2 hours late the first day. Didn't bring trash bags, and disposed of trash in my trash can. (Most businesses carry it away and dispose of it elsewhere. Unprofessional, non english speaking. Disrespect my house and me. Track in dirty, no booties or tarps the first day and when I asked them to wear booties the second day due to the dirt and debris they were tracking in due to many trips outside, the became insensed. Stood in our brand new walk in tub, which has not been used yet, with dirty tennis shoes. Continually left doors open from house to garage with furnace... More...
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  • Worst Exterior painters :(

    CertaPro Painters Lacked in scrapping my house and areas they did scrapped they scrapped sideways when my siding have groves so it damaged the wood. They did not prime my house which leads to paint seeping through and chipping out in large portions. They did not paint straight lines around windows/door. They stuck a beer can in a mouse house then painted over it. They missed many areas and tried to collect payment 5 times without finishing to contract standards. They never tested paint on house to see if its lead. It seems like they just slapped paint on to get it done but not correctly.... More...
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  • Just sick about it.

    I decided to hire Certa Pro as they are a large company. They guarentee their work for two years. I thought they would be very professional. I should have read this list of complaints first. I had to learn the hard way. The painter was late. He didn't honor items in the contract. The franchise owner talked me into paint that did not match existing semi gloss on my doors. This painter did not prep or tape off anything. He slopped paint onto other surfaces and then had the nerve to ask me if I had left over color to "fix it". He rushed too many coats onto one door and it had... More...
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  • Unreliable and Untrustworthy Company

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. We got CertaPro in Vancouver (2091 West Broadway Suite 200, Vancouver, BCV6J 1Z5) to paint our house and it just has been a bloody nightmare. Unreliable and at times, feeling like we are being lied to. It has been 6 weeks now and all we have are two doors painted (one horribly done as no prep was done) and some trime painted. SIX WEEKS! Furthermore, I took 3 mornings off from work to meet with workers that NEVER SHOWED UP. We are currently trying to cancel our contract with them and they want us to pay for the shoddy job to date and for the paint they ordered but was also misplaced for over... More...
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  • CertaPro Painters- WORST EVER!

    Horrible experience with this company- would not recommend! Save your money and do it yourself! You will do a better job- trust me! They didn't really scrape or sand, as they indicated they would, just rushed to throw up new paint. They struggled, repeatedly, to correct issues- to the point where we decided we'd just cut our losses and accept that "their best" and "the best" are just not in the same category. They oversprayed onto lines coming into the house and the foundation and didn't correct it. They spilled paint on our driveway and didn't... More...
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  • CertaPro produces very low quality work with many many mistakes

    Hired CertaPro to paint entire house and was quoted a 2-3 day job. I was told they would take down blinds, patch and sand all nail holes, prime all walls with special primer and sand down problem areas in the baseboards. Painters show up and thought they were painting 2 rooms. I had to walk through and spend 30 minutes telling them what I wanted done (something that should have been told to them already). When stopping by 2 hours later, they had apparently laid down plastic through the entire house, patched holes, let it dry, sanded them down, primed, let it dry and painted the first coat... More...
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  • Certa Pro Brunswick, Ohio WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!!!!

    My boyfriend and I went with them despite these reviews because my Aunt had work done and was very happy. What I didn't know was I called a different franchise and let me tell you we are having a completely different experience. We had to fight to kick the first crew off our job then we have been stuck with 3 guys with only 1 of them being a painter. This has been the worst mistake we have ever made. I have had painters in my house for 14 days and I still dont have one room finished. This has been a joke and I will be cleaning up their mess for the next year literally! Paint is... More...
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  • Never Returned Calls

    After obtaining a quote and I selected a date for local (Southern New Jeresy rep) to start I had contacted him several times as I had a couple of questions about the the quote. His secretary kept saying he is in an ALL DAY meeting, yet he doesn't do any of the painting. After many attempts and no returned call I called and canceled Certa Pro Painters from the job. One would think you would return calls from a customer who has hired you but with this gentleman no one returned phone call. However, he did return the call after I left the message with his secretary that I canceled Certa... More...
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    We hired Certa Pro Cape Cod to do some painting in our Bed & Breakfast for us. We were told on several occasions we were getting their best painting crew to do our job. If this was their best, I can only imagine the worst. These painters rushed through this job and therefore they did a very sloppy job. They left all the picture hooks in the walls and just painted over them. We spent hours cleaning up paint splatter on floors and furniture and kitchen cabinets. Some of the areas to be painted were not painted. The painting crew were unprofessional to say the least. It was obvious... More...
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  • Poor job

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I had Certa Pro Painters of Frisco to paint couple rooms in my house. I was really disappointed with the quality that they did. They don't clean up their mess that they made. They don't use any plastic cover/drop cloth to cover up the floors or counters. I had paint splashes/dripped all over the place. The workers were very unprofessional. They walked in and out of the house w/o taking their dirty shoes off and it leaves lots of dirty spots all over the wood floor and also the carpet. VERY MESSY! Need less to say, the subcontractor that Certa Pro sent over to do the... More...
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  • Certapro in Richmond, VA

    We are purchasing a new home and called Certapro for a free estimate. The work to be completed was wallpaper removal and painting of the entire interior of the house. My wife and I were told that we would have a quote in a week. After 4 phone calls that were not returned, I called a fifth time and finally got a hold of someone. Needless to say, I got a quote 1 week later. Fast forward 1 month and we asked for a revision of the quote. The revision was for adding bead board and chair rail painting and I was told I would have a revision sent to me. Well, that was 16 days ago. I have... More...
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  • Exterior house painting

    On the first day there were two painters after that we had one painter show up. He was unreliable and worked for a few hours and would not return. This went on for approx two weeks. The job was to be finished before my daughters wedding peferrably a week before. In particular the days just before the wedding, this said worker would show up for a couple of hours,swear to us he would be back but would not return. He was continually texting and calling my husband who is not shy yet very patient. My husband was actually much more patient then I was. I was in the midst of a busy week and found... More...
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  • Disappointed

    Messy job. Had painters come in to paint master bath and bedroom and hallway/staircase. Besides missing some very obvious areas, when came back to "fix" created more issues. I was left with a very unprofessional job (paint in many areas on carpet, door hinges completely painted over, brush marks, fingerprint (paint) marks on ceiling, etc.). I will NOT be hiring this outfit for painting in the future. More...
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    I own a reputable company that is known for good dealings and quality work. I contracted some worke form certa pro. The job ended up being alot bigger than they originally estimated. They said to finish the job and they would make it right in the end. I finished the job. They where very happy with it as well as the owner having the work done. Certa pro payed for the original amount which took forever to get. Now im trying to get my money for the change orders and i cant get ahold of them. They keep making excuses when i do, THEY ARE A RIP OFF OUT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHOEVER THEY CAN. THERE... More...
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  • What a Joke

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My wife and I had certa Pro painters paint our home and boy are we sorry. No one on the job spoke english and one of the painters had never painted before--ever. Painted over dirt and did not scrape off old paint. No priming of bare wood. Paint pealing after only 1 month. Looked like a bunch of kids painted our home. Owner stood behind his "Painters" great job he said. All work done as agreed. I don't see how these clowns stay in business. Wanted an additional 1000.00 to bring in a NEW crew and fix what should have been done right to began with. Let this be a warning DO NOT... More...
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  • Waste

    If you are looking for a cheap fly by night job go with Certa-Pro. First - You would think they would scrape the loose paint off, no the powerwash it to make more loose paint. Second - They stated they would fill in with caulk and a special sealer they had. Two years later still waiting. Third - Paint peals off, I have been touching up my house since they left. I understand weather, wear and tear etc takes its toll. BUT do not come and give me the we do this we do that story like you did and then do not return any of my calls for six months. Then this is the one that did it... More...
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  • No Show

    I guess we were lucky after reading some of the complaints here. We had scheduled an appointment to meet at noon. The man never showed. Actually, he showed 40 minutes late and called to ask where we were and he seems surprised when we had returned to our jobs. Very inconsiderate! However, I realized if he couldn't make the appointment, then he would not be a good choice for a painter. More...
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  • Residential Painting

    I enlisted the services of CertaPro painters to paint several rooms in my home in June 2010. These rooms included the Master Bedroom/Bathroom, a repair the corner in a second bedroom, the hallway and steps, including all ceilings. Not only did we have major issues from the beginning, with the painters having to return three times to attempt to touch up spots they originally missed, but also at this point, six months later, the ‘repairs’ that were made are becoming increasingly unsightly and more evident. The direction that was provided (as attached in the proposal) that the... More...
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  • Complaint

    I was referred to this company from their "sister company", BAD DECISION on my part. Owner of the company came out to bid job, he gave a professional presentation, and that's all the professionalism that existed. I knew the bid I received was high but I figured if I pay top dollar I was going to receive the same in workmanship. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! The owner of company hired a sub contractor who hired another sub contractor to start the job, then had an idiot come the next day to finish the job. Needless to say, the idiot totally made a mess of everything! A job that was... More...
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